Synchronizing menstrual cycles

Both the egg donor and the egg recipient need to be at the start of their menstrual cycles in order to begin with egg donation treatment. So the first step is to synchronise the two menstrual cycles. Even if you no longer have a menstrual cycle, or do not have a regular menstrual cycle, we can induce menstruation to begin at the right time. This is achieved by prescribing pills (combined oral contraception tablets, which contain synthetic oestrogens and progesterone) to the donor and the recipient according to the agreed schedule. Sometimes recipients receive hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which is the combination of natural oestrogens and progesterone instead of oral contraception tablets. This is required, for example, for menopausal patients to “teach” their uterine lining to grow again before starting the Embryo Transfer cycle. The tablets are finished on the same date by both the donor and the recipient, leading to a ”withdrawal bleed” (menstruation) by both women. Both of you are now ready to start the Embryo Transfer cycle of treatment.