Coming to St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is Russia’s second largest city. It is easily accessed as there are regular flights to it from cities all over Europe. The AVA Clinic Scanfert where I work is situated in the city centre, which is filled with hotels, shops, beautiful canals and cultural sights. Interesting places to visit include our museums, art galleries, theatres and opera houses.


The city of St. Petersburg stands on Russia’s west coast, with a view over the Gulf of Finland. Due to its coastal location, the temperature is not as extreme in winter and summer as in inland cities such as Moscow. It is often known “The Venice of the North”, due to its beautiful, intricate architecture and many picturesque canals. It is an easy city to explore on foot or by public transport, as there are dozens of important historical and cultural sights in and around the central area. St. Petersburg has become a favorite destination for tourists in search of a cultural, varied and accessible city break.

St. Petersburgers

St. Petersburg has a population of over 6 million. Hundreds of world-famous people have been born, have worked and lived in St. Petersburg. For over a centrury, St. Petersburg is famous for its culture and experience in classical ballet and hockey, figure skating and football. There are more than 110 museums, more than 200 libraries, and over 90 theatres in St. Petersburg. No wonder St. Petersburg attracts the most talented and ambitious young people from all over Russia, who want to receive a good higher education and search for a high-level job.

On the other hand, Russia’s conservative tradition of young couples getting married and having their first baby in their early twenties has still not been forgotten, in contrast to the rest of Europe. Many young women combine bringing up their children with education and work. Being an egg donor enables them to gain a reasonable amount of financial compensation for doing something truly worthwhile, while also being able to spend enough time with their children. So you can see why St. Petersburg is a top destination for egg donation, since there are many young, educated fertile women living here who are willing to donate their eggs.

AVA Clinic Scanfert

I see my clients for consultations and perform embryo transfers at the AVA Clinic Scanfert. It is based in the central area of the city, on the famous Nevsky Prospekt boulevard. The famous “must-see” sights within a few minutes’ walk include the Russian Museum, the Church on the Spilled Blood and naturally the Hermitage museum, which contains some of Russia’s foremost treasures. Nevsky Prospekt is the main shopping street, and also houses many restaurants, hotels and cultural sights.

Travelling to St. Petersburg

Most of our patients who live outside Russia come by plane, and arrive at Pulkovo Airport which is located just 15km south of the city centre. Lots of scheduled flights arrive here every day from other major European cities. We can book an airport transfer for you so that an English speaking driver brings you to your hotel.

A visa will almost certainly be necessary, and we advise you to arrange this as soon as you are sure about the dates of your Initial Consultation and/or your Embryo Transfer. Sometimes your travel agency can arrange your visa if you give them enough notice, or you may need to arrange it yourself. We can help you by supplying the papers you require to obtain a visa.


St. Petersburg is well equipped to receive tourists, with a wide number of variably priced hotels in the central area. It is therefore easy to book a hotel within walking distance or a short taxi ride from the clinic. This means you can reach us quickly and easily, secure in the knowledge that you will not be late for an important appointment. We have details of some nearby hotels. We can help you with booking a hotel and also arrange your visa support documents. 

Making the most of your stay

Whether or not you decide to come to St. Petersburg for an Initial Consultation as well as the Embryo Transfer, you will visit our great city at least once. Although your main motivation for visiting is of course to become a parent, you may as well enjoy your stay too! Many of our patients enjoy taking a relaxing stroll along the beautiful canals and sampling the menus at restaurants that specialise in Russian or other gastronomic styles. Others may decide to experience as much culture as possible, often including a night at the opera or Mariinsky (previously named the Kirov) Ballet. There are also the delights of the ever-tempting shops, where you can buy anything from a beautiful and inexpensive Matrushka doll to an authentic Russian winter coat. Wherever your interests lie, simply explore your guidebook before you get here to plan a pleasant visit or ask our team for advice — we will be happy to recommend you nice places to visit.