Why St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg is becoming an increasingly interesting destination for patients who require egg donation. Many our patients are from other European countries. They come to St. Petersburg for several reasons, including that their own country does not allow egg donation or has age or social limits that mean they cannot be treated. Many European clinics also have high prices and very long waiting lists and cannot offer a physical match of the donor to the recipient. There is only one clinic in Europe which offers a patient and opportunity to choose an egg donor from a large detailed Egg Donor Database. This clinic is AVA-Peter and it is situated in St. Petersburg. 

Specialising in egg donation

St. Petersburg in Russia is fast becoming one of the top European destinations for patients seeking egg donation. This is the key treatment that most of our foreign patients wish to attempt. They decide to look abroad for egg donation because it is often too difficult – if not impossible – to access this treatment in their own country. At the AVA-Peter Clinic, we can provide our foreign patients with thoroughly matched egg donors of Western European appearance. Every day we recruit potential egg donors whom we screen thoroughly from medical and psychological point of view. To those patients who prefer to choose their egg donor themselves.

AVA-Peter Clinic offers an access to the large Egg donor Data base, which contains more than 120 details about each egg donor including her photos in the age under 10.

Egg donation is anonymous in Russia. Presenting these information and photos under the age of 10 does not disclose an egg donors’ identity, still provides a very clear impression about her as a person.

This means we have no waiting list for egg donation. Together with high success rates and clear, reasonable prices, these advantages mean that more and more patients are coming to St. Petersburg.


AVA-Peter is one of the largest and most experienced fertility centres in Russia. Established in 1996, AVA-Peter now treats more than 300 foreign patients each year as well as over 3000 Russian patients, and attracts qualified, talented staff from all over Russia. The AVA-Peter Clinic is the only fertility clinic in Russia with European ISO-9001 certification, and all the key clinical and medical staff there are members of ESHRE (the European Society of Human Reproduction & Embryology). These facts mean that patients as well as their local consultants feel more confident about entrusting their care to us. At the AVA-Peter Clinic we respect patients’ reasons for coming to Russia, and ensure that our clinic retains a personal feeling, with one specific doctor assigned to each patient.

St. Petersburgers

St. Petersburg has a population of over 6 million. Hundreds of world-famous people  have been born, have worked and lived in St. Petersburg. For over a centrury, St. Petersburg has been famous for its culture and experience in classical ballet and hockey, figure skating and football. There are more than 110 museums, more than 200 libraries, and over 90 theatres in St. Petersburg. No wonder St. Petersburg attracts the most talented and ambitious young people from all over Russia, who want to receive a good higher education and search for a high-level job.

On the other hand, Russia’s conservative tradition of young couples getting married and having their first baby in their early twenties has still not been forgotten, in contrast to the rest of Europe. Many young women combine bringing up their children with education and work. Being an egg donor enables them to gain a reasonable amount of financial compensation for doing something truly worthwhile, while also being able to spend enough time with their children. So you can see why St. Petersburg is a top destination for egg donation, since there are many young, educated fertile women living here who are willing to donate their eggs.

AVA-Peter’s Egg Donor Bank

It is well known that a shortage of egg donors in most European countries is a growing problem. Since many countries passed laws a few years ago removing donor anonymity, the shortage has got worse. In order to overcome the shortage of egg donors, we have set up an egg donor “bank” at the AVA-Peter Clinic in 1999. We recruit potential egg donors via social networks, magazines and newspapers. AVA-Peter’s egg donor bank contains information about healthy, young women who are willing and able to donate eggs. Potential egg donors provide the Clinic with the detailed information about their medical and family history, which remains medical secrecy. To the possible recipient these egg donors have agreed to disclose their age, blood group, height, weight, colours, family situation, education, occupation, interests. These donors all have proven fertility as they have at least one child of their own, and have a good ovarian reserve – i.e. their tests have revealed that they have a good chance of producing a good number of eggs. They have already undergone a large number of laboratory tests and have seen at least 3 specialists, and are therefore available to donate if they are matched to you by your AVA-Peter doctor. Thanks to this large donor bank, we do not have a waiting list for egg donation treatment.

The detailed Egg Donor Data Base from IDEAS

Since 2013 together with International Egg Donor agency (IDEAS) it became possible to offer you an opportunity to choose your egg donor yourself from the detailed data base of IDEAS which contains more than 120 details about each egg donor including 2-3 photos in her age under 10. IDEAS invites to participation in the Data base only those egg donors who have already donated before with a good amount and quality of eggs and whose donation has resulted in live birth or an on-going pregnancy.

To enter the Data base from IDEAS the egg donors disclose their photos in the age under 10 and 120 more details about themselves to a potential recipient. They undergo a detailed 2 hour interview with the professional moderator from IDEAS to introduce themselves. Such a detailed donor profile still leaves the identity of the donor anonymous but presents a very clear picture about each egg donor as a person. Here you can see an example of how such a profile looks.

If you would like to look for a donor in the Data Base from IDEAS, please fill in the form

We will have a phone meeting at your convenience, during which we collect your medical details and discuss treatment options, I explain you how to use the data base and provide you with a free 7 day access to the full data base. You can go through the whole Data Base and just open profiles of donors, whose photos you find nice. Or you can sort the data base according to certain at least physical qualities into smaller groups and open the profiles within a specific group.

You will have not less than 70 options to choose from. As soon as you have chosen one or several options, please e-mail the IDs to me and I will be able to double-check the donation history, the availability and, on your request, the similarity to you as an adult person. In case you would like me to check the similarity, please send me several photos of yours in your 20-s and some current ones.

All the donors, whose profile you will be able to see have all their tests done and are ready to start as soon as you prefer.