success story 14

Everyone who has visited Dr. Zaytseff for egg donation, have their own story, not all experience a successful treatment the first time, and some are never able to feel the joy it is to have the baby that they have waited so long for. Unfortunately.

I am sure everyone had the same feeling about St.Petersburg, about the wonderful clinic staff and about the city itself. I have also read the amazing stories from your former patients and all the nice words about you are well deserved. It was a pleasure to be welcomed the way we were during our two visits in 2009. Your professionalism and your kindness were first class.

I had my concerns about becoming a father by egg donation, as I would have about any kind of donation. My wife and I had long talks about it, about going to Russia to have this treatment, mostly about how we would feel if it was a success. Would we feel different about having a child by egg donation than by “the natural way”?

If going for an adoption some one always evaluates you, but when considering donor, you have to do it on you own. And I know that this treatment isn’t well accepted in all countries.  Maybe we men think about this in a different manner than women do? We do not have this biological clock after all.

What made us make up our mind? Well, we had our love for each other, deep and honest. We have for several years tried to have a baby, almost made it once but our little guy wasn’t strong enough. Since then, it seemed impossible the natural with her own eggs.

Well, our visit was a success, our wonderful little boy was born in April 2010, and every second after have been a joyride This little blond guy kills us by his humour, energy and great smile.

And he is not a “design”, as some media often focus at. Dr. Zaytseff  had our basic data and then choose a donor from this, we had no guarantee for the result, and we were prepared for anything. We had no influence whether it should be a boy or girl and how he or she would look; it was all in the hands of our doctor, who picked the proper donor and the egg, which out of a medical point of view was the strongest one.

And we will never forget the wonderful girl back in St. Petersburg, who so kindly helped us to have this dream come through by donating her eggs to us. She will always be with us in our hearts and thoughts. When the time is right, our little guy will get to know the story about our romance in St.Petersburg.

Anyone who is planning to go through this process are welcome to write to me with their questions and thoughts and I will answer from a fathers point of view. ENJOY