Success story 21

Our experiences with egg donation.

After a life of going to college, making a career and not having find mister right yet…, I met my husband at the age of 38.  

It was like a dream come true; to find your buddy, with whom you like to grow old with and to have children with.

But, although we are both very healthy, pregnancy did not occur.

And after 3 ivf sessions, at the age of 42, we took our conclusion that we were running out of time and the chance of having children of our own, was getting smaller and smaller.

This is where we decided to look for alternatives and so we decided to try egg donation.

Because it is not possible to follow this procedure in our home country; we searched at the internet and found Russia to be the best opportunity. And so we contacted Dr. Zaytseff in St. Petersburg. We were explained that the procedure was very easy and the chance of getting pregnant was very high (at least 50 % chance). At that time we were very sceptical and 50% chance of getting pregnant, was something we could not really believe, but all we could do is….to give it a try. So, after filling in some paperwork, we started our adventure and flew to Russia

Arriving at St. Petersburg was a beautiful experience, not only for the majestic buildings and the historic scenery but also the warm welcome we got from the people at the clinic.

Especially Dr. Olga Zaytseff, who did the procedure, answered all our questions and helped us feeling comfortable during our stay. 

We have been 10 days at St. Petersburg and during those days we have had a few appointments at the clinic. The other days felt like a holiday…almost feeling a tourist, we have seen St. Petersburg, walked down the Nevsky Prospect, went to the Hermitage and  Peterhoff and when we flew back we were pregnant.

After 9 months I have given birth to a beautiful baby girl. We are very grateful to Olga and the crew, because being mom and dad of this little baby girl is the most beautiful thing life could ever give.

We wish all the other couples the same luck, we have had.

A happy couple from Holland.