She’s here at last! (translated from German)

Every morning I can hear my daughter’s laughter coming from her room, it wakes me up and I’m overjoyed. She is one-and-a-half years old by now, fit as a fiddle and pretty as a picture.

We had always wanted to have a family, but we had to fight for it for a long time. After seven years of failed attempts and four infertility treatments with IVF we knew we would have to explore new avenues. We didn’t want to give up and were desperate to make our dream of a family come true. Those were frustrating times of hope, trepidation and waiting and of disappointment over and over again and nobody could tell us the reason why.

Then we read about the possibility of an egg donation on the Internet, obtained additional information and got in touch with Dr. Zaytseff. The embryo transfer was successful the second time around and now the three of us are relishing the best time of our lives together.  

This child is mine through and through and I don’t give it a moment’s thought that she’s not mine genetically. She even looks like me when I was little. I carried her under my heart for nine months and loved her right from the very first second. She is a wanted child indeed and the egg donation has shown that everything is possible. It’s worth going through with it, not giving up but going on fighting for it.

We are going to go down that road yet again so that our child can have a little brother or sister.  

This was the best decision of our lifetime and I would like to encourage everyone who wants a child and is unable to conceive to pursue this path as well.